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Kiosk Security

Apr 02, 2016

Kiosk Security A question I, (Bryce) often get asked is where do customers use our products. One place is on kiosks.  I would think the center of the mall is safe enough, but not so. Recently, one of our kiosk companies bought 3 different Key-Rex key codes for 3 different customers. Big John headed the exact same ¼-20 x ¾ flat head screw, but with three different keyways. Each customer will get their own bit… Read more »

Getting Better Bit by Bit

Mar 16, 2016

Getting Better Bit by Bit Over the past few months we’ve been working hard to make our security screw bits ultra strong. They’ve gotten stronger based on some new heat treating methods we developed. We test all of our security bits by torqueing them until they break. Our recent testing shows their strength increased by 25%.   As a result of these improvements, we’re offering you a new guarantee. Our security bits should… Read more »

Bryce Fastener's New Corporate Jet

Feb 10, 2016

Bryce Fastener's New Corporate Jet This is Bryce Fastener’s newest addition…to help us connect with you.  We want to spread our banner across the skies, “World’s Most Secure Fasteners.”  If you come visit our show room, we’ll take you for a ride. Alas, we only sell security screws, not Hedge fund securities!  The plane was given to me as a Christmas gift from Brian Hill (Marketing/Sales Department). His wife Lauren,… Read more »

Why Choose Bryce Fastener's vs. Other Security Screws? Part 2

Feb 02, 2016

Why Choose Bryce Fastener's vs. Other Security Screws? Part 2 Difficult If you peer into our security fasteners you will see difficult to duplicate key shapes. With millions of variations, we can privately license you your own unique security screw. Our testing proves they're more difficult to breach than padlocks, front door locks, car locks, wheel locks, most safe locks and every other security screw ever invented. The oversized center rejection pin cannot… Read more »

Why Choose Bryce Fastener's vs. Other Security Screws? Part 1

Jan 08, 2016

Why Choose Bryce Fastener's vs. Other Security Screws? Part 1 Security bit tip kits sold retail have ruined the security of nearly every tamperproof, tamper-resistant, vandal-resistant security screw on the market. Over 10 million security bit tips are in circulation, making their way inexpensively into the hands of anyone who wants them. There are hundreds of more specialty removal tools available, such as vice grips, easy outs and channel locks. As a result,… Read more »

What's the Least Expensive Tamperproof or Tamper Resistant Security Screw You Can Buy?

Dec 21, 2015

What's the Least Expensive Tamperproof or Tamper Resistant Security Screw You Can Buy? Which Security Screws are the best to buy? Security screws are expensive and varied, so which are the best to buy? This is a loaded question because there’s a huge hidden cost associated with tamper proof screws. The question to ask is, “what’s the cost of the loss?” A potential “cost of loss” can range from a few $100 to $500,000. It cannot be overlooked.  Take, for example, our small… Read more »

French Connection

Nov 17, 2015

French Connection America has witnessed 911 atrocities and is connected in heart to what the French have just experienced. This is not really the kind of connection one wants; it stresses the insecurity of the World. This recent atrocity in Paris made me (Bryce) take time to view some of our French connections. We have one in particular from which we’ve received multiple orders over the last five years. If… Read more »

Automotive Aftermarket

Nov 12, 2015

Automotive Aftermarket Last week, I, Brian Hill, Marketing/Sales Dept. and Rodger Mares, our Heat Treat Technician exhibited at the SEMA show held in Las Vegas for the third year in a row. I’m always excited to return because of my love for Hot Rods and any custom vehicle. Our custom locking fastener, Key-Rex® gained a lot of interest in how it can be used in the Automotive Aftermarket. I spent time talking to individuals… Read more »

Messy or Mystery

Nov 06, 2015

Messy or Mystery Maybe I, (Bryce) am getting old, but one of the most interesting shows I watch on TV is called, “Mysteries at the Museum.” Every artifact has a story. If you care to investigate, the stories are intriguing. We have such a museum at Bryce Fastener. It’s at the back of my office where I throw all our odd and unusual fasteners. My wife (Donna) is unimpressed, saying it’s a “mess.” Yet, each… Read more »

The Good, Bad and Ugly

Oct 30, 2015

The Good, Bad and Ugly Last week we attended the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo in Las Vegas. It was GOOD, BAD, AND UGLY Here's the breakdown: The GOOD: We had a great time demonstrating our T-REVX® drill point fasteners against a TORX® pin Tek point. This meant drilling our security drill point fasteners into sheet metal side by side with a security TORX® Tek point. The difference was “laughable”.… Read more »

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