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Key-Rex Security Fasteners Protecting Gas Station Air & Water Pumps 14 Years and Counting

Jul 11, 2019

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I, (Bryce) rarely take sales calls anymore, but the other day I did. I asked, "What's your application?"  to make sure the customer was getting the right fastener. The customer said, "Is this Bryce?" then laughed and told me I asked him that same question years ago. I had convinced him back then to replace his Drilled Spanner fasteners with our security screws. He was using Drilled Spanners to secure coin boxes attached to air and water pump stations throughout New York and New Jersey. They were not working, the coin boxes were constantly being tampered with. "Your security screws work," he said, "and have for 14 years!"  "THEY WORK!" is a comment we hear all the time. It's the one thing Bryce Fastener is dedicated to providing for our customers. Keeping your assets protected by providing security screws, bolts, and nuts that actually work.

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