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Can Stainless Steel Screw Heads be Cut into with a Side Grinder then Removed?

Apr 24, 2019

Thanks for those of you who took the time to participate in our survey. Your feedback was really helpful and we're currently working on some of your suggestions:

There were some great questions that came in and we tried to answer each one back. I thought this one was worth repeating online. 

Q: "The stainless screw heads can be cut into with a side grinder that will allow them to be extracted with a flat bladed screwdriver. Can anything be done about this?"

A: “Yes, that is true, ss heads can be cut into. To date (18 years), we’ve had no report of that happening to our security screws. Here are some reasons: 1. The Dremel has to be battery operated because screws are rarely near a receptacle. 2. Someone would have to pre-meditate the theft. 3. Our center pin makes the Dremel wheel (or grinding wheel) jump off. It’s hard to hold it straight enough by hand to grind a slot. 4. Dremel’s only work on horizontal screws, vertical screws are safe because you can’t hold the grinder straight enough. 5. Noise is not what a thief wants. 6. A rough slot from a Dremel usually is not good enough to support removal torque.”

If having stainless steel screws getting cut into with a side grinder is a concern, we can make our security screws out of steel and case harden them. Dremel’s will bounce off those. 

Rebekah Bowie

Associate Director of Sales & Marketing

Bryce Security Fasteners | Stainless Steel Screws

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