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Why You Should Consider Maximum Torque When Shopping for the Right Security Fastener

Aug 16, 2019

When looking at security fasteners, or any kind of fastener for that matter, maximum torque is the defining factor in determining the structural integrity the fastener will provide. Ideally, you want maximum torque without sacrificing security. Maximum torque plus good security equals a structurally sound fastener. A structurally sound fastener will be resistant to wrenches, vice grips, side grinders, bits, and vibrations that loosen the fastener over time. For the last few decades, Torx®-Pin has been the best available fastener for both security and maximum torquing ability, however the mass production of bits in the past decade  has made them easily removable, and therefore obsolete. We’ve recently tested some of the most common security fasteners including Torx®-Pin and compared them with our exclusive security fasteners. There’s no doubt that any one of Bryce’s security fastener lines will offer you both higher torque and elite security, making them the most structurally sound fastener currently on the market today.

Security Fastener Torque Comparison Chart

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