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Criminals Use Grinder to Defeat Solar Box While Penta-Plus Security Screws Remained Untouched

Feb 26, 2019

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Below is a recent testimonial from one of our solar customers along with some pictures. 


"As you know, I’ve been using your fasteners for years on my solar power systems, especially the battery enclosures.

This battery box also had a steel sun shade on the outside to protect it from direct sunlight, and it too was secured with your Penta Plus bolts. These criminals never even tried to unbolt anything, at 2:30 in the afternoon, in broad daylight, they cut the sun shade through on 3 sides with a grinder, peeled it back, then cut the entire side of the door off that was secured with your bolts. After all that work, they managed to steal 10 of the 12 batteries, which weigh 180 lbs each.

Ironically, the batteries were about 5 years old, at their end of life in Vegas, so virtually just scrap. We can’t do anything about a criminal with a grinder, but I’m happy to report your bolts did their job!"


Kevin Conlin

Autonomous Power Solutions 


Solar Battery Enclosure Las Vegas












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