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Feb 11, 2019

I, Bryce, am encouraged when I see a Sales Transaction report with various customers and security fastener types. Here's a snapshot of how our January sales report looked. An electric cooperative bought multiple sizes of Key-Rex® security screws, while an energy company ordered Key-Rex® made with our Raptor™ security heads. One bike-share company needed Penta-Plus screws, a bike frame manufacturer ordered Key-Rex® screws with nylon patches and a bike rack manufacturer wanted security nuts. A state’s DNR ordered LAG thread Key-Rex® bolts, while a general contracting company and an RV dealership ordered STYKFIT®7 fasteners.   

This is why we think we’re doing a great job, but we’d like to hear about your experience? We've worked hard to eliminate any negative feedback, although it’s very useful to stimulate new improvements. 

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Bryce Campbell, President of Bryce Fastener Inc.


P.S. There’s a difference in the security levels of our Security Fasteners, see chart below.

bryce fastener's security screw options





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