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Can't Even Sign Our Name Normal

Oct 22, 2015

Can't Even Sign Our Name Normal We’ve become so accustomed to “thinking outside the box”, that it’s spilled over into making our own signs. Normally, one would pay professionals. We made them ourselves. They turned out to be easy, inexpensive and (I think) professional. Below, I’ve (Bryce) included the recipes. In the meantime, take a look. Our talented, Mark Leddy is responsible. Recipe for the outside sign: We drew… Read more »

Why Does the Fastener Invariably Fall... When You're at the Top of a Ladder?

Oct 09, 2015

Why Does the Fastener Invariably Fall... When You're at the Top of a Ladder? Has this ever happened to you? It has to me (Bryce). It was a “top of the ladder” experience that made me want to develop the REVX® line of fasteners. I wanted to create a fastener that would stick to the screw driver and help position the “honey do” item just right.  You know, “a little higher... and to the left.” The solution to me was to make a connection between the screw and screw… Read more »

Trade Show "Woes"

Oct 03, 2015

Trade Show Trade shows are alluring for our sales team. They present a great opportunity for us to show off the effectiveness and intricacies of our security screws. We always envision interested parties visiting our booth, picking up literature, taking samples and asking questions. What we envision never happens. Nine times out of ten, our booth gets overlooked. Our product is small and it’s easy for high… Read more »

A Dead Head (er) Fan

Aug 25, 2015

A Dead Head (er) Fan Homage to a National Beauty She’s a “Dead Head” (er). “Heavy metal” sounds is what she lived on. She has passed on. We were left wondering what to do…where should she be laid to rest? Cremation is the norm, but we thought she deserved better, based on her "All American" past. You see she was born around 1955 in the heartland. She was a NATIONAL beauty in her day, with no equal. She could… Read more »

Don't Fence Me In

Aug 18, 2015

Don't Fence Me In Fencing is one of the main applications for Bryce Fastener’s Penta-Nut®. Penta-Nut® has important installation advantages over other brands when it comes to fencing. It’s more anticorrosive (316 stainless steel), stronger (torques higher), bigger (holds more) and can be readjusted. Having the ability to be easily readjusted is more important than an installer might think. Importance of Readjustment… Read more »

Dip Spin Coating is the Standard for Bryce Fastener's Security Screws

Aug 11, 2015

Thirty years ago when our company was headquartered in Seattle, WA, I (Bryce), would send wood screws to East Side Plating in Portland, OR to have them coated with a mechanical galvanized coating. I sold these coated wood screws to my boating customers. I knew the coating would provide them the right anti-corrosive covering needed to protect the screws from water and salt. Eastside Plating soon adopted… Read more »

Getting a Leg Up

Jul 24, 2015

Getting a Leg Up Time off is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes it’s just cracked. Here is a picture of my (Bryce) leg after a kick in the shin while playing a game with my grandkids. When you’re young, you just walk it off.  When you're older and on blood thinners, you go to the hospital. Of course this injury came at time when there’s a lot happening at Bryce Fastener. We’re in the middle of a big… Read more »

Do You Need a 10,000 Hour Expert?

Jun 29, 2015

Do You Need a 10,000 Hour Expert? It’s of some debate whether or not 10,000 hours of study will make you an expert. In my profession, I know two people who would qualify as 10,000 hour experts. Both are electricians, and their grizzled hands lay proof of their expertise. We are lucky to know them. They are leftovers from the day when America made everything and someone had to know how to fix the machines. There are no diplomas on… Read more »

Best Solar Panel Protection

Jun 22, 2015

Best Solar Panel Protection From time to time I (Bryce) come across articles like the one below about how solar panel thieves are stealing solar panels despite them being secured with so called “thief-proof” screws. One of our vertical markets is Solar Panels. The fasteners Bryce Fastener Inc. has specifically designed for solar panels are different from the “thief-proof” fasteners mentioned in any article. To date, we… Read more »

Best Places To Buy Standard Security Screws

Jun 03, 2015

Best Places To Buy Standard Security Screws Not everyone needs Bryce Fastener's high security screws. There are many different kinds of standard security screws with as many places to buy them. Whether you’re a retail buyer needing a small quantity, or a contractor needing large quantities for a commercial project, below are some trusted companies we’ve used for many years. If you’re a retail buyer and need screws that are vandal resistant,… Read more »

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