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Let's Wake Up to Torx Fasteners

Dec 14, 2018

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I, Bryce, walked into a local hardware store last week in a small beach town on the Oregon Coast and noticed a tamperproof star bit tip set for $3.99. I thought to myself, “This is actually a nice set." The center holes weren’t drilled off-center and someone could use this kit to remove every size of Torx® fasteners available on the market.

tamperproof star bit tip kit

This is the reason why we don’t recommend choosing Torx®, six-lobe, or star security fasteners as your tamperproof security screws. They offer false security.

They might be the most popular, but their matching bit tips are also popular at retail stores everywhere, even small beach towns. If your application is valuable and likely to be tampered with, please don’t specify Torx®, six-lobe, or star fasteners. 

Let me emphasize this again, PLEASE don’t use them anymore!

Invest your money better!

Bryce Fastener exists because of false tamperproof fasteners. Our bit tips are NEVER found in retail stores. Our security screws stop unwanted tampering and theft. Period.

It’s time to screw the thief, not yourself!

Did I also mention our fasteners are made with high quality steel, high torqueing capabilities, tight stick-fit control, with our own proprietary anti-corrosion coating, and with less bit breakage problems?

Our custom designs are often copied in the industry, but Bryce Security Fastener's are intricately made NOT to be duplicated.

Is your application in need of a better Tamper-Proof screw? Would you like some samples to see the difference?

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Bryce Campbell, President and CEO of Bryce Fastener Inc

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