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Public Scooter-Shares Choose Key-Rex® Security Screws

Nov 02, 2018

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Anything available for public use is at risk for theft or tampering and public bike and scooter-shares are no exception. The more anti-theft barriers placed on public motor-share systems, the better. Bryce Fastener’s exclusive Key-Rex® security screws and nuts are ideal anti-theft barriers for mounting racks, axles, computer modules, and GPS terminals. Already proven effective on several bike-share programs, two scooter-share companies, (MYGO & GRIN) deployed Key-Rex® on recent fleets sent to Spain and Mexico. Key-Rex® will protect the scooter’s GPS trackers.

Key-Rex® Security Screws are the Best Anti-Theft Device for Locking Down Public Bike or Scooter-Share Parts

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