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Security Guarantee, Policies, and Protocols

Aug 16, 2018

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On occasion, customers give us purchase agreements stipulating requirements we cannot sign. These have included possession of tooling, access to engineering, plant access, delivery demands, extra terms, etc. Unfortunately, this is not allowed for Bryce Fastener for the following reasons: 1. We supply very high security fasteners which require secrecy for all our customers. 2. Our patented products (and many trade secrets), must remain confidential. 3. Our delivery and discount terms are better than any manufacturer in the industry.  

In place of purchase agreements, we offer an uncommon guarantee, special security protocols, and rigid confidentiality policies.  

Bryce Fastener’s Security Guarantee: Best in the Tamperproof Screw Industry.

Bryce Fastener’s Security Protocols

Bryce Fastener’s Confidentiality Policies


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