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Why Choose Bryce Fastener's vs. Other Security Screws? Part 2

Feb 02, 2016

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If you peer into our security fasteners you will see difficult to duplicate key shapes. With millions of variations, we can privately license you your own unique security screw. Our testing proves they're more difficult to breach than padlocks, front door locks, car locks, wheel locks, most safe locks and every other security screw ever invented. The oversized center rejection pin cannot be knocked out like other tamperproof security fasteners. The bits have to be hard and exact duplicates of the drive in order to torque the fastener. Tooling for our security screws and matching bits are made using “enigma” technology. There is no way to predict one keyway to the next. They are difficult to make, but the level of difficulty assures you your security bit will never be made illicitly. 


The type of customers who use our security fasteners, bolts, and nuts are as diverse as the number of our key variations. Cities, government facilities, military, OEM’s, steel fabricators, custom designers, solar panel installers, contractors, construction companies, telecommunications, medical design engineers, point of sale installers, bike- share companies, fence installers, universities and the auto aftermarket are some of our top vertical markets. These industries, companies and fabricators understand the benefit of protecting assets and trade secrets to stay competitive in the markets they serve. 850 new customers per year for the last 5 years attest to the effectiveness of our security screws. 


We have engineered our manufacturing plant to deliver our security fasteners and bits in less than 4 weeks. We have many machines tooled and ready. Our security screw machines range in sizes from 0-80 (M2) to 5/8-11 (M16). Short run set-ups are accepted with 2,500-1,000 piece minimums depending on the size. Stock product in smaller quantities is usually available in our Penta-Plus™/ Penta Nut™ line.


Choosing what security screw is right for your application depends on the level of threat. Assessing your threat makes the choice of what type of tamperproof screw  to use easy.  What would a breach or tampering do to what you’re securing? How much would replacement and repairs cost you? If your answer to either of those questions ranges in the $1,000’s, then Bryce Fastener’s security screws are the better choice vs other tamperproof screws. 

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