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House Arrest & Electronic Monitoring Devices

Custom Tamper-Proof Bolts, Screws & Nuts

In the realm of criminal justice, ensuring the integrity of electronic monitoring devices like ankle monitors is vital. Bryce security fasteners transform potential vulnerabilities into fortified locks battling against tampering and unauthorized removal.

Ankle Monitor Security

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Tamper Proof Screws and Fasteners

The Weakest Link in Electronic Monitoring?

It’s likely the screws holding it together. Not with Bryce Fastener. Our patented locks built into each fastener are accessible only by authorized personnel, eliminating standard vulnerabilities of monitoring devices with a proven zero-breach track record. Upgrading to Bryce fasteners transforms your electronic ankle monitors into the most secure, tamper-proof trackers on the market, preventing violations while ensuring reliable movement tracking and enhancing competitive advantage.

The Bolt that Secures Ankle Monitors, Military Bases, Communities...

We’re in the business of turning potential breaches into non-issues — even for the most security sensitive customers. Bryce Fastener ensures that every nut, bolt, and screw in your arsenal is a line of defense, not a point of failure.

The Key-Rex fastener is designed to withstand tampering attempts, keeping critical devices, like electronic monitors and trackers, intact and impenetrable.

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Electronic Ankle Bracelet Security

Engineered for Security in Every Way

Feature for feature, there is simply no other fastener that can beat the security measures offered by KEY-REX®.

Fingerprint Key Code™

Similar to your own unique fingerprint. Look carefully — the keyway shape is unique to each customer. Each drive is designed so only that customer can remove their perfectly matched fastener.

Electronic Ankle Tag Security

Low-Profile Head Deters Tampering

The obvious tactic to defeat a bolt or screw and gain access to critical infrastructure is to simply “grip it” and remove it. The sloped, low-profile Bryce button head shape repels tampering tools. Locking pliers simply can’t get a hold of the sidewall like other screws. Keeping your electronic ankle monitors and trackers secure.

Meets all IFI specifications. Order with confidence.

Worlds Best Security Screws

Customer Testimonial

Our commitment to public safety has never been stronger.

As the Director of Corrections Technology, I can attest to the reliability of Bryce Fasteners. We've utilized their screws in GPS bracelet and alcohol monitoring devices for years, and not once have we encountered a security breach. This level of reliability is what sets Bryce apart in the industry.

Name Withheld Director of Corrections TechnologyTexas Department of Criminal Justice
Austin, Texas
Ankle Monitoring Solutions

Custom Made for Each Customer


The most secure, tamper-proof screw and bolt in existence. Patented worldwide. Designed to ensure removal is only possible by your agency. Not available in any store.

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Tamper Proof Fasteners

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We’re proud. Rightly so. In a world where “quality” is overhyped, what we offer isn’t just good, it’s the result of pursuing the unbeatable.

The results are far better than good. Better than anything else out there. There's simply nothing else like it.

And it’s all done here. By us.

House Arrest Security Screws

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