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Apr 18, 2024

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Custom Security Screws, Bolts, & Nuts

Higher-level custom security screws, bolts, & nuts are unquestionably distinct in the fastener industry. There are only a few U.S fastener manufacturers who make specialty security hardware, Bryce Security Fasteners is one of them, and one of the best. A large Telecommunication company (who owns around 60% of the cable/fiber market) has used our 5/16-18 Key-Rex® Security Screws with Raptor™ head for ten years. They’ve secured nearly ½ a million installations with Key-Rex® over the years without a single security complaint. Key-Rex® stops pirating in its tracks. 

Why would the Largest Telecommunication Company in the USA Choose Bryce Fastener?

Presently, in the Fastener Industry, other custom security manufacturers take around 16-20 weeks. We’ve modernized our forging methods to get parts out fast. Long lead times on specialty components push project delivery times back by weeks or months. Contractors/Subcontractors know how frustrating this can be. Two days ago, this same Telecommunication customer called with an urgent request, needing delivery in 1 week. We were able to ship a day ahead of schedule. Someone’s “bacon” was saved. This delivery time is not the norm, nor is it necessarily an exception. Once the tooling is developed, forging can be done quickly. Keeping track of multiple components in a project can be complicated and it’s easy to forget about ordering fastener hardware until the last minute. Bryce Security Fastener can meet the most urgent needs. 

Had they picked the other supplier

A fastener like this has a normal delivery time of 16 – 20 weeks.  Imagine the angst of the installer. At Mcgard, a milled keyway must be scheduled and requires a large set-up time.  Milling a part takes more time than forging and must be inspected at every step.  Heat treating, plating, and extra inspections can add months to delivery. Had they picked the other supplier they would not have been able to make the delivery. 

In certain projects where a higher-level security fastener is specified, it’s good to know who the security manufacturers are you can count on to keep your project delivery on time. There are many components and High Security Fasteners are just one component in a project. Specialty Manufacturers like us don’t often keep stock, or the manufacturing is done overseas to keep costs low. Which means, security fastener orders must be placed 6 months in advance. Most contractors know a long lead time like that just isn’t possible. That’s where Bryce Fastener comes in.

Higher-Level Custom Security 

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