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Happy Birthday to Deano Who Directs Quality Control and Logistics at Bryce Fastener!

Mar 22, 2024

Before our security screws, bolts and nuts get packaged up and shipped out they must pass multiple inspections. Quality control checks are essential and performed multiple times throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

From the window in my (Rebekah Bowie, Accounting) office I see our machinists going back and forth on Bryce Fastener's golf carts between the two warehouses all day.

Gilbert Bringing Security Screws for QC  Big John checking QC on tooling

They’re bringing dies, punches, and either a screw, bolt, or nut to Dean Nelson who leads our Quality Control.

Dean, who we nicknamed Deano, has been leading our Quality Control and Logistics dept. for the last 13 years.

Bryce Fastener’s flagship products, Key-Rex, Penta-Plus, and Stykfit 7 require us to make our own tooling (punches, bit die’s, heading die’s, threading die’s, etc.). Before the tooling is put in a cold heading machine, it’s brought to Dean. Once a few fasteners are initially run, they're  brought to Dean for a second check. When the whole batch is done, Dean performs a third check.  A fourth and fifth check are performed after the fasteners are threaded and the final product is ready to be shipped. He checks engagement with the security bit, and whether the drive, head height, head diameter, and length all meet IFI standards.

Good quality control is especially important on a day like today when we have 3 different M5 Button Head Key-Rex screws being run. Dean is shown in the picture double checking the length before they're packaged and shipped. 

Dean Nelson checking length of security screw

Each individual piece must meet not only fastener industry standards but Bryce Fastener's security standards. We're so thankful for having a guy like Dean as part of our Bryce Fastener family. Our whole team is committed to providing our customers with reliable and high-quality security screws, bolts, and nuts for a wide range of industrial applications.

To celebrate Dean's birthday, all the fellas took in a Cubs Spring Training game. 

bryce fastener cubs game

bryce fastener team enjoying cubs game

bryce fastener cubs game



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