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Stopping Copper Theft

Mar 20, 2024

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Jimmy is one of our expert headermen. He is tasked with working on our biggest cold heading machines that make our large diameter bolts. Here he is inspecting some ½-13 x 2 Raptor™ head Key-Rex® security bolts. These are destined for California, to protect copper wire. This is a repeat order from the customer, with some added features. New are the customer name, Raptor™ head, and key code designation.

Heading this type of security bolt is more of an art than a science. Jimmy has to adjust 7 sequential tools perfectly, which can vary in temperature of the wire, its hardness, and the coating oil. Any miscalculation requires an adjustment using wrenches 3 feet long. Yet this part ran quickly and easily, a credit to his expertise.

Key-Rex security bolts are an effective copper theft deterrent.

Jimmy working on 1/2-13x2 Key-Rex

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