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Automotive ECM Security

Feb 22, 2024

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This week, we finished up a second order intended to secure an Automotive Aftermarket component. Our M8 Key-Rex® tamperproof screws do a great job securing Electronic Control Modules (ECM's) on heavy freightliners. ECM’s are basically the computer for the vehicle’s engine. It controls the engine’s performance, safeguards the engine from abuse, troubleshoots mechanical problems, and monitors the operation of the vehicle. A freightliner’s engine won’t start without an ECM. It’s a big deal if one gets stolen. The trucker’s load is not only prevented from getting moved, but they cost anywhere from $1,200-$4,000 to replace.

ECM's are stored under the hood and easy to steal if not protected. One trucker’s solution was to bolt them down with our Key-Rex fasteners. They chose to use M8 Key-Rex screws in two different lengths and added our Raptor head for better hold.

Our Key-Rex® tamperproof screws are an effective anti-theft guard. They can easily bolt down an ECM without interfering with the engine’s normal operation. The picture shows Jimmy holding the two M8's.


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