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Are Current Supply Chain Challenges Affecting Bryce Security Fastener?

Nov 18, 2021

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The hot season has officially changed in Arizona to our warm season (yay)! Our machinists were slammed over summer causing longer than normal lead times but now we’re holding steady at 6-8 weeks out (Key-Rex® Wellhead Nuts are longer). The current supply chain challenge is testing everyone's patience especially if you're left waiting for shipment. Other than a small price increase on our fasteners, our Bryce customers shouldn't be terribly affected by the supply chain problems. Our wire prices got increased significantly for our 302 and 316 stainless. As a result, we’ve had to increase our fastener prices a bit. We’re also trying to stay ahead of potential wire delays by keeping overstock set aside specifically for our Bryce customers. No matter how delayed the supply chain continues to be, our main goal is to ensure our customers get the security fasteners they need in a timely manner. We’ll try our best to communicate any shipping or supply delays with you.

Hoping you’re able to come up with new strategies to stay ahead, keep production running, and remain thankful for what's going well.

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Below, Gilbert is keeping some .192 wire straight.

Gilbert keeping .192 wire straight

Ryan heading M2.5x8 BH Key-Rex® screws

m2.5x8 wire  

 Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans DayA big thanks to our veterans who served and continue to serve the USA. 

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