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Jun 30, 2021

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The Bryce Team

is GRATEFUL for the ability to repurpose old Waterbury and National Cold Headers and use them to supply custom made security screws, bolts, and nuts here in the USA. 

We're committed to providing everything you want in a tamperproof fastener. Highest level security, high grade steel, better torque, with a quick turnaround at a competitive price.


STANDARD SIZES: (0-80 - 5/8-11 x 5 1/2) (#2 - #14)


 NUT SIZES: (6/32 - 7/8-9)

 2H WELLHEAD & FLANGE NUTS: (1/2-13 - 2-8)





A Strong Support System

Bryce Security Fastener is not your typical tamperproof manufacturing company. We like to make security screws, bolts, and nuts that perform like custom locks. We have cold headers to make a variety of fastener styles to fit any security application and budget. We even manufacture standard Hex-Pin and Tam 6-Lobe™ for our customers who don't want to be limited to where they can buy the bits.

In addition to our Waterbury and National cold headers, we have over 100 support machines that do the heavy lifting at Bryce Fastener. We don’t outsource or order your parts from overseas. All of our tooling, dies, punches, and heat treating is performed in-house. This gives us the ability to manufacture security fasteners custom to your spec with a quick turnaround. You'll find our products provide better security and are made with better quality than what you'll find online or in stores. That's our guarantee and we stand by it.

Happy July 4th!!

machines lining the Bryce Fastener warehouse

roger working on tamperproof bit tips

Brykote batch

heavy cold header

Jimmy making Raptor

custom spec screw

100% Made in the USA




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