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Need Head Marking on Your Fastener? We Provide it at No Extra Charge | Lead Times Still Longer Than Normal in June

Jun 14, 2021

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Head marking a fastener is normally done to identify the manufacturer and the grade. It requires dies specially EDM’d with a registered trademark. Bryce Fastener offers head marking to our Key-Rex® customers, but we do it for different reasons. 

First, we offer it as a benefit to the owner of Key-Rex® to advertise them. After all, purchasing a Key-Rex® fastener is the same as owning your own privately made security screw. The owner’s name should be on it.

Second, it identifies the owner of Key-Rex® as the sole possessor of the driver bit. If someone needs to get the fastener out and doesn't have the matching bit tip, they will know where to go. If they call Bryce Fastener, we will send them back to the owner of that Key-Rex® screw. 

The third reason is that the head marking helps Bryce Fastener identify the code in case of new ownership or lost bit tips. It’s our contingency plan so someone isn't stuck with a mess of fasteners no can remove.

We use a special little, inexpensive “state of the art” method for putting head markings on every part, even on our small screws. Every private Key-Rex® owner can have it upon request. 

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