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Meeting the Unique Security Fastener Needs of Bryce's Customers

Jan 28, 2021


2021 has begun with us engaged in many different activities to fit our security customer's needs. Below is a 1/2 hour snapshot into the daily routine at Bryce Security Fastener. 

Here's a finished 5/16-9x1½ button head lag screw. This is the customers second order of them, they're being used to secure the outside of a metal building with a grey patina finish. In addtion to these lag screws being secure, the specs required they have high torque, be anti-corrosive, and be the right color. To get the right color, we improvised a little on the coating. After using the same method that makes BryKote™ coating stick to stainless, we painted the heads. Now the stainless isn't shiny and matches the patina finish.

5/16-9x11/2 security bh lag screw


Below are some STYKFIT®7 parts that just got finished being headed. These are first made without threads and then checked for quality continually after each manufacturing step.

headed stykfit7 parts

stykfit7 parts being checked


Our Receiving dept. was putting these STYKFIT®7 concrete security screws into stock after getting a 1000-hour salt spray coating. 

stykfit7 being put into stock


Juanito and Eddie are both working on more tooling and refinement of some Penta-Plus™ bit-tips

bit tooling station


Below, Roger is setting up one of our threading machines to thread some 8/32x3/4 bh security screws. 

8/32x3/4 bh security screws getting threaded


Here, tooling is getting made for our Key-Rex® Wellhead & Flange Security Nuts. Ken is holding the driver for a 1½-8 diameter nut. Next, they'll be sent to heat treating.

key-rex wellhead & flange security nut


Gilbert's altering some Key-Rex® bit tips for 5/8-11x2 bolts.

key-rex bits for large security bolts


Making custom security screws requires extra procedures and techniques. Every customer has a unique need in addition to their fasteners being highly secure. These types of orders are our specialty, they're what we love to do. Our goal is to make them the way you want and then ship to you quickly!

bryce fastener shipment ready to go

bryce fasteners made in USA


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