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So, Long 2020!

Dec 20, 2020

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 Alberto Salazar's (International Sales Consult) daughter, Amelia made our Christmas card this year. 

bryce security fastener christmas picture

Whatever challenges come your way in 2021, hoping you'll find ways to stay thankful for both small and large victories won, while blessings once unnoticed become bright.
Despite some personal and corporate obstacles the Bryce Fastener Team encountered this year, we're thankful all of us stayed healthy, our doors remained open, and we still have the opportunity to meet your security fastener needs.
Looking forward to working with you in the New Year.
So, long 2020!!!
The Bryce Fastener Team
After 40 minutes of a fierce competitive Left, Right, & Center dice game, Juanito was the winner! $360!!
The Bryce Team playing for $360
Dice game pic
dice game
dice game
dice game
Congratulations Juanito! Lunch is on you next week!

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