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Fall Greetings From Bryce!

Oct 14, 2020

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Fall Greetings to you from all of us at Bryce Security Fastener! Despite the challenges that surface each week with manufacturing custom security screws, business remains steady for us during these unusual times. Hoping the same is true for your business.

We've Got You Covered

Looking for a quality made, higher-level tamperproof fastener? If so, we've got you covered. From large Civil Engineering projects requiring heavy duty security nuts, to small electronic devices protected with Miniature Security Screws, Bryce has the versatility to meet any tamperproof screw spec quickly. 

3/4-10 Key-Rex® Nut For a Bridge Project

We recently supplied ¾-10 Key-Rex® Nuts for a bridge project. The high torque and grip exceeds our expectations; it torques much higher than a standard ¾ Hex Nut and grips the joint better than a Nylok Nut. Bryce Security Fasteners ¾ Key-Rex® Nut works well on architectural metals (aluminum or galvanized steel), railings, fencing, pedestrian walkways, and it’s great for protecting electronics on a bridge.  

picture of 3/4 Key-Rex Nut picture of 3/4 key-rex nut

Bryce Fastener manufactures security nuts in standard/metric sizes in two styles: Penta-Nut™ and Key-Rex®.  We also make a heavy-duty Structural Security Nut for the pipeline industry. Contact us if you’d like pricing or samples.  


Did You Know We Can Make a Sample of Your Spec?

Would you like to see a sample of your spec before you buy from us? Send it to us!


Our new online ordering platform called Screwd® Security Fastener is making steady gains! 

picture of screwd logo

 picture of box of screwd security fasteners

Jordan Mack, one of our Sales/Purchasing agents developed Screwd® Security Fasteners due to the high volume of calls received every day from people wanting smaller quantities of Key-Rex®, Penta-Plus™, or Stykfit®7. Instead of turning these inquiries away, Jordan, along with our Machinists, figured out a way to offer an elite-level fastener at an affordable price in low quantities. As Jordan put it, "For too long, the difficulty in acquiring higher level security fasteners has left the average person stuck using obsolete and ineffective store-bought fasteners to protect what's important to them." We're changing that with Screwd®. 

If you have something worth protecting but only need a small quantity, then visit Screwd® Security Fasteners to see if we have the size/style you need.

Commercial, Industrial, and Government organizations rely on Bryce Security Fasteners for trade secret protection, asset protection, and theft prevention. The cost of replacing a stolen patent or valuable good is more expensive than the cost of Bryce fastener. Let us know if we can help keep your organization protected. 

fall greetings from bryce fastener





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