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Bryce Fastener is excited to announce the opening of A fast and easy way to get elite level security fasteners without breaking the bank.

Aug 19, 2020

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Screwd® Security  exists to meet the demand that Bryce Fastener™ receives for smaller quantity orders on their industry-leading security fasteners. All Screwd® products are exclusive drives based off of Bryce Key-Rex® technology. For too long, the difficulty in acquiring higher level security fasteners has left the average person stuck using obsolete and ineffective store-bought fasteners to protect what's important to them. 

Using the same technology of Bryce’s Key-Rex®, Screwd® Security Fasteners offer exclusive anti-theft security drives that are only available through the Screwd® website. Just like all of Bryce’s signature products, Screwd® screws and bits cannot be found in stores, offer a higher level of security than competing security fasteners, and still manage to be ultra-competitive in cost.

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Quality wasn’t sacrificed to bring costs down either. All Screwd® fasteners are made in the USA with American-sourced stainless steel. The tolerance between screw and bit is extremely tight allowing for easy and precise installation across all styles as well as creating torqueing capabilities that are higher than Industry standards. 

All Screwd® products are on the shelf and ready to go for immediate shipment. A wide variety of standard, metric, and sheet metal sizes are available in quantities as low as 25 pieces. Have a project that calls for a few different sizes? Don’t get stuck emptying your wallet to pay for more than you need. Use Screwd® Security to make it easy to protect the things that matter most.

Save 10% off your purchase at with discount code THANKS10.

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