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Best Security Fasteners for Utility Vault Applications

Aug 12, 2020

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We often pass over a utility vault without considering the important infrastructure lying underneath. Utility vaults such as, utility manholes, pull/splice boxes, equipment enclosures, panel vaults, access hatches, and light pole bases provide access to valuable public utility equipment. They are the point of entry to valves for water, natural gas pipes, and switchgear for electrical or telecommunications equipment. If security is needed to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing points of entry on utility vaults, the security used should be carefully considered. The National Precast Concrete Association recommends, “Common practice for securing a manhole cover is to bolt the cover to its frame. Doing so with a hex-head, penta-head, or other specialty bolts offer varying levels of security. Existing manhole covers can be fitted with locking devices or be replaced with covers that have locking features.” NPCA 

Bryce Security Fastener serves multiple utility vault manufacturers and we know how to secure them. Hex-head and penta-heads have many removal tools easily available to anyone and aren’t recommended if the infrastructure underneath is worth more than $100. Using specialty bolts where no one else but your organization has the removal tool is the most efficient, low cost option when securing all types of utility vaults.

We make custom, high-level security screws, nuts, and bolts for all different types of utility vaults. Over the years, we’ve learned that every utility vault is made a little different with fastener specs that are unique. Most applications require a ½-13 or 5/8-11 stainless steel or alloy steel bolt with high salt spray coating in an Acme Thread or Coil Thread. Some applications require oversized and unusual head dimensions, or a unique length. We can make standard, metric, or unique sizes and lengths to meet any spec. We even have our own Anchor Bolt solution. Below are two utility vault fasteners for two different companies. One is an Acme Thread and the other is a Coil Thread.

utility vault security screws  public-utility-acme-coil-thread-screws public-utility-security-fasteners

Quick Installation Tip

Bryce Fastener was tasked with solving a sedimentary fill problem. A customer who needed frequent access to a Key-Rex® bolt securing a junction box was frustrated with the extra time it took to pick and blowout the sediment. We initially looked into removable plastic molds but found a quick, cheap, and easy solution.   

  1. Fill the head with a little oil and push in silicone calk.
  2. Let it dry! In four days, it will be hardened to a perfect removable plug.
  3. Pull out the silicone plug (might need needle nose pliers) and then remove your security bolt. Replace the silicone plug once the fastener is reinstalled. 

silicone fill option for key-rex silicone fill option for key-rex


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