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Custom Security Screws, Bolts, & Nuts with Lead Times of 2-4 weeks

Jun 26, 2020

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Higher-Level custom security screws, bolts, & nuts are unquestionably distinct in the Fastener Industry. There aren't many American Fastener Manufacturers who make this type of specialty security hardware. Of the ones who do, their products are superior. Bryce Fasteners is one of them. Our specialty is providing every customer their own set of custom security screws, bolts, and nuts. A large Telecommunication company (who owns around 60% of the cable/fiber market) has used our 5/16-18 Key-Rex® Security Screws with Raptor™ head for over ten years. They’ve secured nearly 500,000 installations without a security complaint.

Why would a Large Telecommunication Company Choose Bryce Fasteners over Other Specialty Security Manufacturers?

Quicker Lead Times 2-4 weeks

Presently in the Fastener Industry, other custom security manufacturers take 16-20 weeks to manufacture their products. We’ve modernized our forging methods to get parts out fast. Long lead times on specialty components pushes project completion dates back by weeks or even months. Contractors/Subcontractors know how frustrating this can be. Two days ago, this same Telecommunication customer called with an urgent expedite order, needing delivery in 1 week. We were able to ship a day ahead of schedule. Someone’s “bacon” was saved. This delivery time is not the norm, nor is it necessarily an exception. Once the tooling is developed, forging can be done quickly.

Higher-Level Custom Security 

Every security screw, bolt, and nut is made in-house in the USA. We design, manufacture, and distribute all of our own products and stand by them 100%. 

We do our part to ensure Key-Rex®, Penta-Plus™, and STYKFIT®7 repel other bits and tools such as Dremels, hacksaws, hardened tools, and blunt force. Every bit we sell is tracked, and they are never sold online or in stores. 

Three Different Styles to Meet All Types of Applications and Installations

Keeping track of multiple components in a project can be complicated and it’s easy to find yourself ordering fastener hardware at the last minute. If a higher-level security fastener is specified for your project, we have the technology, machines, superior security, and customer service to keep you on target. If needed, we’ll even try to “save your bacon.”


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