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Q: Are Bryce Security Fasteners Different From the Types of Tamper-Proof Screws You Can Buy In Stores or Online?

Feb 18, 2020

Why would you secure a valuable asset with cheap, poorly made, so-called "tamper-proof" screws that are available to anyone everywhere? This is why Commercial, Government, and Industrial operations across the globe have turned to Bryce Fastener. We’ve re-engineered the typical security screw to improve upon their short comings. Our screws, bolts, and nuts are made to rival the best custom locks. Bryce Security Fasteners are patented, not available in stores or online, and proven to offer you the highest-level of security. 

If you're looking for an economical security solution that's different and better, then visit our Website or Contact us. We'd love to help match you with the security fastener that's right for you. 




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