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Looking for a Security 2H Heavy Hex Nut?

Oct 29, 2019

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If you typically use 2H Heavy Hex Nuts in sizes 1/2-13 up to 2-8, you might consider increasing the security of your application. Adding a couple of our Key-Rex® Structural Nuts to your application is all you need to protect yourself or your customer from theft and tampering. Key-Rex® Structural Nuts can be installed wherever standard 2H Nuts are used. Certified for the pipeline industry with 7 layers of patented security, Key-Rex® Strucutral Nut is being used in Nigeria to help curb the billion dollar losses due to crude oil theft.

Seamless Installation: Bryce Security Fastener recommends installing 2 Key-Rex® Structural Nuts per 6 2H Heavy Hex Nuts.

structural nuts on a pipe flangeNo Extra Socket Required: The same socket is used to torque both 2H Heavy Hex Nuts and Key-Rex® Structural  Nuts down. 

Exceeds Pipeline Torque Requirements: Other large security nuts can’t torque as high as Key-Rex® Structural Nuts, especially in larger sizes. See chart below.



structural nut torque tension chart 

Multiple Design Patents: D862,217S covers the overall structure and driver bit, US 9638234 B2 covers the Key-Rex® security code, and the method used to make the security code is patent pending.

structural nut design patentstructural nut design patentstructural nut design patent

We're confident Key-Rex® Structural Nuts will help protect your investment and exceed your expectations. Please contact us for more information on pricing, specs, and/or samples.

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