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Bryce Security Fasteners Provide Highest-Level Security Plus Extra Torque And Hold

Oct 18, 2019

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Many of our customers don't know their security fasteners have to pass an extensive multi-point inspection process before they leave our building. Applied torque is one of our tests that's performed. If you walk into our warehouse, you'll see multiple types of torque wrenches laying around the shop. Torque testing is extra important in defining the overall integrity of a security fastener. Higher torque equals a better security screw.    

I, (Bryce) took a few pictures of Big John, (our lead Headerman) performing a torque test on a freshly manufactured batch of 1/4-20x1/2 RH Key-Rex® security screws. Typically, a 1/4-20 fastener's max torque is around 40-75in/lbs. We like ours to reach double the standard torque. This tells us the fasteners we just manufactured are structurally sound. They won't loosen over time or be easily defeated by wrenches, vice grips, and side grinders.   

We torque until the bolt or bit fails. In the picture you can see the bolt failed at 150 in/lbs. Looks good!

torque testing

torque testing

torque testing

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