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Key-Rex® Fasteners Stop Theft Of Major Retailers High-Priced Merchandise on Display

Oct 09, 2019

The NRF reports around 60% of total shrink (48.6 billion per year) is due to external and internal theft. Statistics also show those who implement loss prevention strategies have less shrink and more profitability. Below are two examples showing how Key-Rex® can act as your first line of defense against retail theft.

security mount for brass cymbalclose up of key-rex securing brass cymbal 

This music store keeps their brass cymbals locked down using a mount secured with our Key-Rex®. This retail chain buys multiple Key-Rex® codes and spreads them randomly throughout their stores. Employees know only their screwdriver will work in their store and won't in other local chains. Corporate keeps track of which screwdriver goes with which screw by the head-markings we etch on the top of the head. It seems like a lot of work, but it's actually easy for Bryce Fastener to custom code our customers' screws. Our ability to make different Key-Rex® drives and head-mark each one helps in providing another layer of protection against internal/external theft for this retail chain. 

key-rex securing retail cell phone mountclose up of key-rex securing cell phone mount  cell phone mountkey-rex on cell phone mount

Here's another example from a downtown cell phone store in New York. Key-Rex® is securing the cell phone mounts. I, (Bryce) asked the store manager if those cell phones ever get stolen, he replied, “Never.”

Are your loss prevention methods working as well as these two retailers' methods are? Which of your high-priced items are left vulnerable to theft and hurt your bottom line? Finding simple ways to add extra security layers to items most prone to theft will reduce external/internal theft and save your bottom line. Contact us if you're interested in upgrading your retail security products/strategies. 

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