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Report Card on Key-Rex® Security

Aug 08, 2017

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While my son and his family were on vacation in Madrid, Spain a few weeks ago, they took this picture of our Key-Rex® fastener securing a ride-share-bicycle there. That’s my grandson, Brevon, giving me a thumbs-up. We’re a USA fastener manufacturer who has chosen to specialize in exclusive security fasteners where the keys are controlled and private. Our fasteners are being used around the world in very exposed areas. I spent a little time rating how our Key-Rex® compares next to locks. I found a surprising result. Our screws are more secure than locks! Really. We already knew they worked well based on customer feedback. Yet, we did not know how secure they are until we assessed all other security devices in this report card. Maybe it’s why we get almost zero security complaints.

By Bryce Campbell, President & CEO

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