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Key-Rex® Security Shoulder Bolts Lock Down Truck ECM

Jun 30, 2017

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Truck ECM’s are tracking devices used in commercial trucks. They cost over $2,000.00 each (in the box.)  When stolen, a truck ECM replacement can approach $6,000.00 if wiring is cut. We just heard from an owner who had 19 stolen. Figure their loss. Our solution is an M8x35 Key-Rex® shoulder bolt style security screw. We use hardened alloy steel and coat them with our BryKote™ because they’re exposed to the elements. 4 shoulder bolts will lock down an ECM and cost about $15.00. To date, we haven’t heard of anyone losing an ECM when our Key-Rex® screws are securing them. It’s one of the simplest but effective solutions to ECM theft.

pic of shoulder bolt

pic of shoulder bolt with Brykote

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