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Do you Need a Hex-Pin™ or Penta-Plus® Security Set Screw?

Jun 01, 2017

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The two most popular security set screws, grub screws, or headless screws available on the market are Hex-Pin™ and Penta-Plus®. Hex-Pin™ and Penta-Plus® set screws look similar but there’s a big difference in their security.

Hex-Pin™ set screws and their matching driver bits can be purchased for cheap at most hardware stores or online fastener distributors. Penta-Plus® security set screws and bits are manufactured and sold by Bryce Fastener Inc. We don’t outsource, so you won’t be able to buy our set screws or bits anywhere else.

When to Choose Hex-Pin Set Screws

Hex-Pin™ set screws are good for applications like skateboard stoppers on private property. It’s unlikely a skateboarder will go to a local retail store and get the matching hex bits to unfasten the stoppers.

skateboard stopper use Hex-Pin set screw skateboard stopperclose up of skateboard stopper

Is Your Application Worth Over $100.00?

The Penta design is a patented proprietary design meant for higher security applications. One of our customers uses our Penta-Plus® set screws (10/32x1/4) to secure cases their military weapons are stored and shipped in. If you need a set screw for an application that’s worth over $100.00, Penta-Plus® is your best option. For applications requiring elite security protection we can make you a set screw with our most advanced security head style called Key-Rex®

penta-plus set screws for military

Originally, our cold heading machines were not set up to make set screws. We developed new methods to make them. Here’s a video of us solving a threading problem. R&D is an essential facet of Bryce Fastener. Being creative and challenged to create customized security solutions for you is what we enjoy the most.

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