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Look-Alike Products Do One Thing Well, “LOOK” Alike

May 19, 2017

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In Baseball, it’s great if you can steal a signal. In the cable TV industry, it’s bad. Cable companies know this and often use tamperproof screws on the outside covers of ground cable boxes. We have multiple cable customers who use our Key-Rex® with Raptor feature, stainless steel, security screws (5/16-18x3/4 & 5/16-18x1). This is a great application for our fasteners. The serrations underneath the head of the screw tightly hold down the covers on the cable boxes. It’s rustproof, plus the custom key-way stops theft or tampering. Our customer chose our high security fastener over the competition.

There’s often confusion about the difference between our locking fastener and the serpentine keyway found in wheel locks. Our competition’s security screw costs more, torques less, comes in steel that rusts, and has long lead times. Bryce Fastener’s products are superior in those areas. Now, if only I, (Bryce) could get my local cable company to realize there’s a better way to secure cable TV boxes. 

picture of raptor head stylekey-rex-cable-box-security-screw

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