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Acme Thread Security Screws Help Save a Million Dollars in Stolen Gas

Apr 25, 2017

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Gas pumps are perfect targets for thieves. They’re unattended and open for skimmers and tampering. One gas distribution company called us after losing over a million dollars in stolen gas. The obvious solution is to replace the standard screws on the gas pumps with our Key-Rex® fasteners. It’s the least expensive solution, and possibly the best. The challenge is making them fit to the specification of a gas pump. Gas pumps are protected by sheet metal skins that get repeatedly opened. The security fasteners needed require a special thread called “acme”. The threads are wider, meant for continual opening and closing.  It took special tooling and knowledge to apply it to our Key-Rex® fasteners. We learned, because the customer needed it. Here’s a picture of some gas pump screws we recently made. They're coated with our special BryKote coating. The customer has ordered multiple times and reports our fasteners are working.

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