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Long-Stroking Header and Threader Making Key-Rex® Screws

Mar 11, 2017

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Offering custom Key-Rex® security screws means we have machine capabilities to make screws big, small, long, and short. Initially, it was hard for me to put forth the large investment in some of our heavy machines. Take for example our long- stroking header. It weighs over 70,000lbs, it’s really hard to center and even harder to maintain. Funny how important this machine became to us. An installation in San Francisco bus shelters required a bunch of small Key-Rex® screws with one long 3/8-16x5 ½ screw. Plus, they all needed to have the exact same drive. Orders like this are not hard for us to fulfill thanks to these heavy machines. Here are videos of our long-stroking header and long-threading header at work.

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