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More Machines Delivered for Key-Rex® Structural Nut

Feb 14, 2017

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We’ve embarked on making a large structural security nut called, Key-Rex® Structural Nut. Our new security nuts can range up to 2 inches in diameter. Two heavy machines arrived here last week to help us make them expeditiously. The machine on the right that looks like a laser gun out of Star Trek is a tapping machine. The one on the left is a 60-ton press. Our challenge for the week is to get these new (old) machines running. The new patent pending Key-Rex® Structural Nut exceeds ASTM A325-1 requirements for power, bridge, pipeline, nuclear, and military applications. Multiple layers of security are incorporated into it to defend assets from sophisticated theft and tampering. While I (Bryce) might be a little nuts for taking on this project, so far, testing shows our nut does exactly what it’s engineered to do.  

images of Key-Rex Structural Nut

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