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Beginning With a Heavy Header & Complex Heat Treat Furnace

Jan 12, 2017

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We’ve already hit the ground running in 2017. Here a few pics of two machines I recently bought. Both are heavy. Over the years, we’ve found that the girth of a machine matters when making our type of custom security screws. In football terms, the big Offensive Lineman do better for us than fast Wide Receivers. We’ve also learned how to fix them ourselves. We had no choice but to learn because it’s hard to send out a 10,000-pound machine to a fix-it-shop. We had a to buy a hoist just to pull the pieces off. While it’s a bother to repair, this machine works well at making our 5/16 screws.

I also thought I’d bring in a sophisticated Heat Treat furnace, one that will heat treat and nitrate stainless. The furnace looked like a steam locomotive coming off the delivery truck. After viewing its parameters and complexities, I’m a little overwhelmed. The whole progression of our business has been like a locomotive coming at us fast. We’re also getting ready to launch an updated website and a new large structural high security nut. New patents, new products, more machines, bigger warehouses, equals no retirement for Donna and me anytime soon. I’m thankful for my guys who make all these machines go and for our customers who find our  security bolts, nuts, and screws effective. We’re keeping this locomotive going and encouraged for the year ahead.

Heavy Heat Treat Furnace  Heavy Heat Treat Furnace


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