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Head Rush Technologies Uses Bryce Fastener's Key-Rex

Sep 30, 2016

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Bryce Fastener Inc makes custom security screws that add the extra security certain products need. Head Rush Technologies is one customer who uses Key-Rex® screws to add an extra safety measure to their braking systems. Head Rush devices are life safety devices for zip-line, climbing, adventure, and amusement industries. It’s extremely important the magnetic braking technology inside remain tamper-proof. Key-Rex® security bolts are used on all Head Rush devices. The custom keys ensure only Head Rush technicians can access the braking system inside.


“The Bryce Fastener bolts work great, they keep our products locked up and secure.” Nick Amico, Manufacturing Manager at Head Rush

Head Rush Technologies designs and manufactures recreational devices for the climbing, zip line, adventure, and amusement industries. Their TRUBLUE auto belay is the most trusted auto belay in the world, in part because of Head Rush's unique eddy current magnetic braking technology. Their zip line brake, ( zipSTOP), free fall devices, (QUICKjump), and (FlightLine), also utilize this magnetic braking technology to provide a great rider experience while maximizing throughput.

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