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Raptor™ Claws Are Now Available For Flat Head Socket Cap Screws

Aug 17, 2016

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Raptor™ Claws Create the Strongest Security Fastening System

We developed Raptor™ claws underneath our BH security screws to eliminate the need for a lock washer and tighten the load an extra 20%-30%. The performance of Raptor™ yielded such positive responses from our customers, we figured out how to add it to our FH socket cap screws.

Originally we hoped to attain a 20% improvement in hold. To our surprise, the removal torque of Raptor™ claws on FH socket cap screws is the DOUBLE the insertion torque.    

 We took two M12 hardened flat head socket cap screws and tightened them into cold rolled steel.


The M12 bolt without Raptor™ claws was torqued to 75 ft./lbs. and removed at 65 ft. /lbs.

The flat head with our Raptor™ serrations would not budge at 140 ft./lbs. We pushed until the bit broke.

Our Conclusion:

A  FH screw with our Raptor™ feature causes the head to flex downward and tighten at the same time. Torque values reached are 1.75x the installation torque, creating a fastening system more secure and stronger than any other security fastener ever made. The added strength is ideal in high security applications.   

Tips When Installing Raptor™

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