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Preventing a Fastener Failure Starts With the Right Spec

Jun 28, 2016

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I, Bryce, highly respect ConsumerReports. Their ratings on products almost always prove true and they also act as human advocates who care about products affecting our quality of life. I want to be that respectable in the fastener manufacturing industry. It’s a standard in cold heading to copy an engineer’s screw specifications verbatim. I’ve found over the years not all specs are what's best for the application. Especially the ones that require certain custom specifications; head dimensions, lengths, platings, and threads. Often a custom fastener spec produces a poor quality security screw. Take for example a spec requiring proprietary deep threads to be used in glass filled plastic. Deep threads break in that type of application. How about a spec requiring zinc plating on high tensile Alloy bolts used for an outdoor application. If zinc plating isn’t done right, you risk hydrogen embrittlement. When placing Alloy in any outdoor application, it's best to use a dip-spin coating and ensure a long corrosion-free lifespan. When drawing up a spec, it’s often the little details that can lead to money wasted, a custom screw that breaks, and even catastrophic consequences in critical applications. We've had to deal with product rejections that were really the result of the customer's own specification. It is a no win position to be in. This is why our company policy on following an engineer’s spec isn’t like other fastener manufacturers. We will modify any spec we know won’t benefit the customer’s application. Analyzing what torque, tensile strength, potential for hydrogen embrittlement, proper coating, and head dimension are some key factors to consider before beginning any order of security screws. I may not follow an engineer's spec verbatim but I will copy ConsumerReports motto.  Bryce Fastener will do our best in protecting you from buying the wrong fastener and guiding you to a product perfect for you.

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