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Protection From Physical Attack on ATM's and Safes

Jun 04, 2016

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I, (Bryce), grew up watching old Western Films where the “bad” guys were always robbing a bank. Stealing a safe, taking it somewhere else, then using explosives to blow it up were among my favorites. Unfortunately, these stories are still modern problems. ATM Marketplace published a report providing guidance on ATM skimming, physical attack, malware, and cyberattack. The 32 page report can be downloaded for free and might be helpful in this challenging area where criminals and security tactics are ever evolving.

Bryce Fastener provides an anti-theft solution for the physical attack on ATM’s and safes. We have both ATM and safe company’s who’ve been using our keyed security bolts for 10 years. If an ATM can be picked up, it’s not safe. Bolted down to the ground using an anchor bolt application or bolted to a wall stops the typical “smash and grab” thief. One ½-13 security bolt can withstand 10,000 lb’s of pressure. Two bolts will not permit an ATM to be dragged away by a large pick-up truck using a chain or rope. I see ATM “smash and grab” theft stories everyday that can be prevented for about $40.00.

A safe company bolts their security filing cabinets to a concrete wall using our ½-13x1 ½ keyed fasteners. Often there are special boxes inside that need to be bolted to a larger safe. In all cases, using a lock will not do. The strong holding power and high security features of our Key-Rex® bolts, make them the best choice in keeping a safe safe.

Solutions to theft are not as black and white like the old films I enjoy watching. Our modern day thieves continually find clever ways to steal money. Choosing anti-theft methods like ours have proven effective over time and should not be overlooked. However, staying ahead of cybercriminals, malware, and skimming devices are currently the biggest challenges plaguing the marketplace. Continual innovation will be the key in staying ahead of thieves.

Keep your ATM secure from theft

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