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High Security Fence Application in Mexico

May 14, 2016

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Mexico is building 12 miles of a high security fence and we just finished making the accompanying security bolts. They are headed to the new International Airport being built in Mexico City. A high security fence will be installed around the perimeter and our M10x30 BH custom Key-Rex® bolts will add to the sites critical security protection. If you look closely at the security bolt, you can see we added a few letters that spell out the customer’s name. That’s a feature we offer when you buy your own custom key code.  

Getting the order was not easy. It’s obvious to us that a high security fence requires the high security of our Key-Rex® screws. It was not as obvious to the customer as important information got, “lost in translation.” If it hadn’t been for Alberto Salazar, our Representative to Latin America, we probably would not have won the contract. Torx with a pin sounds like a good, cheap alternative to those who don’t know its weaknesses. What’s the point of building a high security fence and securing it with Torx-pin when the bits are available for the public to purchase?

In the end, the customer chose wisely. With proper translation, they became excited about the Key-Rex® advantages and even have use for our security screws in other applications. We had the wire, machines, and talent to get the parts out in 3 weeks. The picture is of the shipment that left today.

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