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Picture Highlights Of REVX™

Sep 11, 2014

We had a professional video made last week about our new patent pending “high performance drive” screw, named REVX™.

The insertion of the bit into the screw is so tight creating a zero tolerance fit. This eXtreme precision, results in eXtraordinary performance, and eXtra production (now you know where we got the name REVX™). We think it is the best fastener ever made and the perfect revision to Torx®

We are making it in a six lobe style, interchangeable with Torx® and a seven lobe style (with center pin) for security. The security fastener (called REVX™-PLUS) can only be removed by the REVX™-PLUS bit.

Here are some still photo highlights:

Our high performance drive screw, REVX™

Bryce using the REVX™ screw itself, to carry a 13lb grate.

REVX™ - the perfect revision to Torx® Screws.

A close up of the screw holding up the 13lb grate.

REVX™ drive screw.

Grate installed into wood with ease.

What other screw could do the same?

Samples are available upon request.

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