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The World's Best Security Screw

Feb 19, 2015

One-Way slotted and drilled spanner security screws were the world’s best for many years. Then regular screw drives like Allen, Torx®, and Phillips added a center rejection pin. Their security screw bits were only sold by American manufacturers and for many years they were the best security screws available. Once American manufacturing went to our foreign shores, those offshore security bits became mass produced. They soon found their way into hardware stores sold retail as security screw bit kits. Allen, Torx®, and Phillips pin-head styles stopped being the world’s most secure. That’s where Bryce Fastener stepped in.

The World’s Best Security Bit

We knew the world’s best security bit would need to stop both the crook, and the unscrupulous security screw manufacturer overseas. That’s why we developed an ever-changing security screw drive with millions of variations. Designing the world’s most secure screw turned out to be easier said than done.

Over time, we discovered security screws with over-sized center pins and asymmetrical drive systems repel all known tools and bits available on the market. In order to do this our tooling had to hold up to the extreme pressures found in cold heading. It required a paradigm shift in heat treating, materials, cold heading and experimentation. Bryce Fastener’s research and development program has not stopped in the last 10 years. Although we’ve made many revisions to our earliest Keyed-lok® security screws, after 10 years, they still have an excellent track record. Our modern revisions are even better. We now say with confidence, our security screws are the world’s most secure…and that is based on customer feedback not fluff. If you ever find them compromised, we will remake them with a new key-way for free until they perform to your satisfaction. This is a hefty guarantee knowing there are thousands of screw removal tools available.

Where there will always be a need for the stability of standard tamperproof screws, Bryce Fastener Inc., focuses on the market where high security applications are required.

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