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You Can't Do That On That Machine!

Feb 03, 2015

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A man we’d previously purchased a cold heading machine from in the past came by our booth during our last trade show. He inspected one of our keyed security screws and said, “You can’t do that on that machine!” It was his machine he was talking about, one he’d used for many years making wheel bolts for Peterbilt Trucks. We bought it from him a few years back.

Unique Security Screws

He was correct, we do make unique security screws on machines that aren't meant for them. Our innovative tooling is the reason why we make parts others can’t. Yet, even our proprietary tooling has limits.

Recently, we made a security screw that impressed us. In the picture you'll see two 5/16-18x1/2 Key-Rex® security fasteners with our Raptor™ head. The head diameter is almost the same width as the length of the threads. Initially we thought, “we can’t make a 5/16 screw with an oversized head on a 3/8 cold heading machine." But, we did it. If you want it, we’ll find a way to make it, even if supposedly, “you can’t do that on that machine.”

Larger Security Screws

The larger screw is a 1/2-13x2 Key-Rex® screw with our Raptor™ feature and an oversized head. It's hard to make but child’s play in comparison to making the smaller security screws.

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