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Anatomy Of A BIG Copper Theft Bolt

Jan 22, 2015

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Jimmy is one of our expert headerman. He is tasked with making our large diameter bolts. Here's a picture of him inspecting ½-13x2 Raptor™ head, Key-Rex® security bolts. They're heading to California to control copper theft. This is a repeat order from the customer, with some added features. We added the customer's name on the bolt, gave them a larger Raptor™ security head, and changed their key code.

Heading this type of security screw is closer to a black art, than a science. It requires he adjust 7 sequential tools perfectly. Any miscalculation requires an adjustment using wrenches 6 feet long. Yet, this part ran quickly and easily, a credit to what he has learned.

What Makes This Security Bolt an Effective Copper Theft Deterrent?

Heading this bolt is like trying to balance on the edge of a razor blade. Any mis-adjustment causes an explosion of tools, flying fragments, and a mangled mess of stainless. These look great. Our hats go off to Jimmy, who has grown into one of best security screw headerman in the world. If you need a BIG security screw with a lock keyway, he's the one who can do it.

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