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Back To The Drawing Board

Nov 14, 2014

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Brian and Rodger sped into SEMA 2014 eager to receive feedback on our new Bryce Fastener wheel lock protection products. The show brought a steady flow of engineers and buyers interested with some good ideas. We took their feedback and headed back to the drawing board this past week.

We're adding a 60 degree centering cone to the bottom of the nut, and making it available in alloy as well as stainless. These two added features are needed to make the nut universally appealing to all brands and types of wheels.

Our high torquing capabilites and high security features unmatched by any other wheel locks were applauded. We found our cap protection system is only needed in the small niche of Custom Wheel Accessories. But, compared to what's available on the market, our cap protectors are the best safeguard against theft of high end custom wheels.

All in all, the show was a success while Brian and Rodger experienced four days of Automotive Aftermarket heaven. After reconfiguring the nut all week, the new cone is looking like it will work.

SEMA 2014

Learning from SEMA 2014

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