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You Get What You Pay For

Jul 22, 2014

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We’ve all experienced the rush of thinking we’ve gotten a bargain on something only to be disappointed with it in the end.

My family and I (Bryce) returned from an all inclusive resort in Mexico two weeks ago and most of us are still feeling the lower G.I. effects. It was a beautiful place with nice accommodations, an abundance of food and a gorgeous looking pool. We thought we got a bargain but soon found we got what we paid for. We were given a zip line tour at “half price”, but the lunch was exorbitant, costing us $300.00 for 4 platters of quesadillas. The ATV tour was the same. They took us on a cool ride…but to their own restaurant using the same pricing scheme. The fact we got played at every turn and 19 of us got sick, brought up the question of value versus price. In this case we let the cheap price blind us from considering the value. In the end, we were left disappointed.

Bryce Fastener has learned over the past 45 years the value of quality and affordability. Our products have to deliver the best value every time at a reasonable price. The most valuable thing a security fastener can do is provide “Zero Theft” because the “cost of the loss” is always more expensive than the price of the fastener. Based on our customer feedback, we deliver Zero Theft 99.999% of the time. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our fasteners, we’ll re-engineer them until you are. That is our guarantee. We increase our value by supplying quick delivery, quality materials (American made), and someone on the phone who gets it right. Those hidden benefits save you even more. There are thousands of cheap security fasteners available on the market today. It’s important to think about the value versus making a hasty decision, you may later regret.

value versus price, quality vs quantity

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