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Solar Panel Protection

Apr 13, 2012

Here is part of our article published in the May/June 2012 Edition of N.A Clean Energy Magazine

Tying down PVs

.... if incentives stop, and the dramatic growth in solar installations level out, existing equipment must be protected. Considering theft was virtually unforeseen when some of the initial solar power project purchases took place, today's anti-theft measure will continue to add a hefty price tag over the next 25 to 30 years to an already expensive venture. The lack of accurate solar panel theft information has sparked annual insurance premiums, causing them to soar. Estimates now are that they make up approximately 25% of a PV systems' annual operating cost—depending on the system size and geographic location. In 2009, theft wasn't covered under general liability or warranties, and many solar integrators learned the hard way when they filed a claim…only to be denied. Comprehensive plans were desperately needed to cover losses caused by theft and natural disasters. Though homeowners are generally safe under their standard homeowner policies, they are increasingly advised to put an anti-theft solution in place. Large-scale commercial projects, in comparison, are advised to find insurance providers that cover all aspects of a solar installation—from start to finish—including the risk of theft. Some companies demand that a preventative anti-theft device be put into place during installation, while others now include theft protection in their policies and haven't yet demanded additional equipment.

Security measures

Alarms and perimeter security are beneficial deterrents in residential, commercial, and remote solar applications. Here are some additional effective options currently being used in the field.

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