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Headmarking With Meaning

Apr 10, 2012

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Bryce Fastener Inc., a custom manufacturer and distributer of anti-theft fasteners now offers a new manufacturing service. The Product Development team has found a way to provide small head markings on their custom line of fasteners. Head markings are important for owner traceability in the future and it allows customers who have purchased multiple key codes the ability to distinguish between them. "We had to come up with an added owner traceability benefit because our fasteners are installed in many long term applications, says Bryce Campbell, owner and CEO. When company personnel changes or a company is bought out, problems with removing the fasteners could arise." Currently the company stores all key codes in a data file but now offers this service as part of the order at no extra charge. Comparable to the encryption process used for the aerospace industry, letters and key codes are cut into the tooling leaving 3D lettering visible with a magnifying glass. "We can't sell a customer's bits once they have purchased their own keyway code, but we can redirect someone to who owns the fastener with this new technology," adds Bryce. Head markings are available from #4-5/8-11.

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